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  WinConnect S
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WinConnect S provides a Windows desktop for Solaris users WinConnect S is a software solution that enables Solaris users to connect to a Windows®server to run Windows®applications over a network or via the Internet. The low data transmission bandwidth required by WinConnect will even allow a remote connection over a dial-up or wireless connection to access data and run Windows®applications wherever the user may need it.

Software Benefits
Reduces enterprise TCO by providing an alternative to MS Windows® CE/NT. Further savings are realized by adding life to legacy systems and applications

Offers terminal manufacturers and network administrators a stable and secure embedded RDP solution for multi-OS computing environments

Remote connection means that you have access to your data and Windows applications wherever you need it

Central processing means that your data is safer, stored on a central server

Central processing means that your desktop computers are less expensive to purchase and less expensive to maintain
A Solaris-based client means that you have the low cost and high reliability of Solaris, combined with the Windows applications that you need
Recycling old computers as terminals means that you preserve the environment while saving money
  Software Features
Provides a Windows desktop for SunRay and SPARCstation users

Provides a full Windows desktop experience including sound

Users can cut-and-paste between Solaris and Windows programs

Windows applications can print to Solaris printers

Use drag-and-drop to copy files between Windows and Solaris file systems
Windows applications can access data on Solaris drives
RDP 5.1 compliant client
Supported by an experienced technical support team
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