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  BeTwin VS (32-bit)
  Key Benefits
Turns 1 PC into 9 PCs
Lower initial PC investment set-up
Central maintenance and administration
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BeTwin VS is the software that allows multiple users to simultaneously and independently share a personal computer running Windows Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business or Ultimate Edition - 32-bit) or Windows 7 (32-bit). Installation is simple. Install a second VGA card/adapter and connect it to the second monitor. Plug in a USB mouse, USB keyboard and, optionally, USB Audio. Finally, install the BeTwin VS software.

Software Benefits
Reducing your initial investment
Reducing your cost of upgrading
Offering ease of maintenance and services
Reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Upgrading Host PC automatically upgrades the BeTwin Stations
Software Features
Support multiple users to surf the Internet and access emails at the same time using unique customized desktop and network login.
Users are able to run software applications concurrently on the Host PC and BeTwin Stations.
Supports centralized data storage for Host PC and BeTwin Station users.
Supports multiple users to share the same peripheral devices.
Wacom Bamboo Tablet (Model CTH-460, Windows 7 only)
Q-PAD Pen Input Device (Windows 7 only)
Microsoft's Touch Mouse (Model 3KJ-00005, Windows 7 only)
TouchScreen Monitor (Windows 7 Touch feature)
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